Publishing Policy

The Legal Boffin carries out an extensive editorial analysis of the submitted blog before it is accepted to be published on the blog. Following are the key points of our publishing policy:

  1. The submitted work must be original and unpublished at the time of publishing on The Legal Boffin. (on or offline)
  2. The submitted text must be in English.
  3. Controversial issues of religious, political, or any other nature will not be accepted.
  4. Articles should be on any contemporary socio-legal issues.
  5. The Legal Boffin reserves the right to edit the content and/or the title of the submission at the time of publishing. These edits, if any, are meant only to enhance the quality of the author’s work and not to alter it.
  6. Any legal issues concerning or arising out of copyright or the subject matter of the article will not be the responsibility of The Legal Boffin. Contributors are required to exercise due diligence to avoid the same.
  7. The Legal Boffin reserves the right to accept or reject any article without furnishing any reason to the contributor at any stage of the editing process.
  8. Publishing of the accepted blog will happen on a rolling basis.
  9. If the author wishes to withdraw their submission, then he/ she must intimate the blog at within 10 days from the date of submission.
  10. Submissions once published, cannot be published elsewhere.

The Legal Boffin has a team of editors to check the various aspects of the submitted works however, mistakes and oversights may still happen. Any editorial oversight may be pointed out to us with due evidence and they shall be corrected at the earliest.

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