Submission Guidelines

Authors wishing to contribute their work to The Legal Boffin should ensure that their submissions conforms to the following guidelines:


Any contemporary socio legal issues.


950 – 1500 words, excluding footnotes/ citations.


  1. Line Spacing
    • After Title : 2
    • After Side heading : 1.5
    • Body of the text: Single space
  2. General Alignment & Margins
    • Main Headings should be centre aligned
    • Side heading must be left aligned
    • Body of the text must be justified
  3. Font
    • Style: Times New Roman.
    • Main heading: Font size 14, Bold.
    • Side heading: Font Size 12, Bold.
    • Body of the text: Font size 11, Regular.
    • Citations: Font size 10.
  4. Pages must be numbered in the footer.


  1. Co-authorship is permitted to a maximum of 2 authors.
  2. Submissions must be made in Word and PDF formats.
  3. The filename must be saved as Title_AuthorName.
  4. Multiple submissions from one author are allowed.
  5. References and Citations are compulsory and must be referenced in the form of footnotes or bibliography. References and Citations must be authentic and verifiable.
  6. The use of tables are not encouraged.
  7. The level of plagiarism in the submitted text should not exceed 20%, including footnotes.
  8. The submitted texts must follow the Harvard Bluebook or the ILI citation styles.
  9. Submissions must be made to
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